17 Sep 2018 DAAD Information Day in Manas University

Information Seminer of DAAD programme will take place on 24 September 2018 on 15.00 in K.Tynystanov conference hall, Faculty of Economics and Managment. The aim of the seminer is presentation of Master and Research programmes and Summer School in Germany. 

The seminer will be held by the head of the DAAD Programme Bishkek Information Center Katya Theves. 

All interested students and academic staff of Manas University are invited to the seminer. 

24 Sep 2018 Presentation of DAAD Program in Manas University

Presentation of DAAD programmes was held on September 24,2018.

representative of DAAD program office in Bishkek Viktor Tsoy made a presentation about education system in Gemany and study opportunities for kyrgyz applicants.

call for applications for study and research programmes in germany are open till November and more detailed information could be recieved during the consultations on DAAD office.