Tour to Ala-Archa

     On 11th of April International Relation office of KTMU organized for representatives of international students at KTMU tour to Ala-Archa national park. As before mentioned the purpose was to support them feel warm in abroad.

     Our tour started with Saturday volunteer cleanup day, all together volunteer on a designated Saturday, typically from 9 am to 13:00 pm at a number of locations on Jal campus. Our team was very quick, we could finish the territory which had shared for our team in a short time and took our way to National Park.

The day was very sunny, warm and it was cozy day for picnic. In that tour we could enjoy our time playing volleyball, ak-terek for those who are interested in climbing of mountain summits got a chance to manage their time at mountains, this tour allowed us to leave noisy city and to reach this wonderful place.

As well as, this beautiful day decorated fairy tales which are prepared by the international students. Each of them read their country fair tales and explains the meanings for participants of the tour. Picnic gave for students warm relationship to each other, acquire more friends and made them to feel that they are one big family named “Manas”