Turkey Cultural Day at KTMU

   At Kyrgyz – Turkish Manas Uiversity in a frame of the “Turkey Cultural Day” had a Henna Night on May 21 Day, 2015. The evening started with welcoming remarks and Turkey presentation video. It needs to mention that this evening devoted for university 20th anniversary which organized by International Relation Office together with support of the university different departments.


The attendees had a great time, taking pictures of the decorations of Turkish traditional elements, fair of Touristic pictures of Turkey prepared by the Art faculty. All guests could make a visual travel to Turkey and our friendly students help them to get an answer for their questions related to Turkey. The guests were able to also see live demonstration of fresh homemade Turkish Baklava.


The event followed with the history and celebration of the Henna Night, which is held one day before the wedding, and generally takes place at the bride’s home among women. The bride, wearing a red veil over her face was seated in the center, followed by women holding henna and lighted candles along with singing traditional songs. Exception Henna Night there was a sing a song and Turkish traditional dance performed by our students.


Turkey Cultural Day is a last event for this academic year, we are going to continue celebration of the university 20th anniversary for the next academic year by hosting at the university Kazakhstan, Afghanistan embassies.