During the year, there are many great activities and events organized for KTMU students in order to support them spiritually. We know that some students are far from their homeland because of that we are trying to help for our students to feel themselves in Bishkek as their homeland. From performing arts to sports to social, each activity offers opportunities for students and faculty to enjoy life, experience new things, and build community. The following are some of the KTMU activities organized every year.



Sport Competitions.

Each year department of the Physical Education and sport higher school organize among students competitions in sport such as in basketball, volleyball, tennis and football.



New Year Party.

At the end of the fall semester members of the student’s council organize night party aiming to celebrate New Year.



University tourism department organize for students trip to sea sight of Kyrgyzstan. Some trips organize to border countries like Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan etc.



Student exchange program.

KTMU works with Mevlana Exchange programs so our students can go for 1or 2 semesters for studying to Turkey. Also KTMU has international agreements average with 130 universities.