Student Support


  • Language support

Turkish and Kyrgyz are official languages of education and training at Kyrgyz-Turkish Manas University. However, our students have a chance to take Russian as a foreign language during their university education and have opportunities to practice this language around the city. In addition, the university offers excellent courses in English and Chinese. Therefore, students have a chance to be ahead of our competitors by learning the most widely spoken languages in the world.

  •  Designated international student advisers

In order to assist to foreign students in their students life University has Department for International students support under International Relations Office of University.

  •  Orientation programs of KTMU students.

Student Orientation Programs introduces life at the Kyrgyz-Turkish Manas University, demonstrating the Manas’s commitment to teaching, learning, and scholarship. As an IRO of KTMU we try to enhance the new student experience by providing guidance and assistance to students making academic, personal, and social adjustments to college life.

1. Week of Welcome, a series of activities and programs that familiarize students with the Manas’s resources, takes place the week before fall term begins.

2. We provide guided campus tours (link is external) year round to a wide range of visitors and students.

  • Student accommodation

 Kyrgyz-Turkish Manas University offers a living campus environment, by offering on-campus dormitory facilities for about 30% of students. The accommodation will be provided for the period corresponding to international student study period at University.

  •  Employment services

Kyrgyz-Turkish Manas University offers to students part-time employment opportunities. They act as an integral part of making the university run smoothly, while gaining skills that will help them in their future professional positions. Students can work in library, canteen, student’s dormitory or in the faculty and take benefit by enriching their experience as well as by receiving financial support. University also conducts career fairs and invites different international, governmental, private organizations, where university students can find internship opportunities and workplace.

  • Banking center

At the territory of the University campus is located branch of Kyrgyz Demir International Bank. Branch offers all banking services for local students, international students and teachers.

  • Health Care Centre

Health Care Centre is located in the territory of University campus and offers primary health care services which are available to all students. All health care services offered by the Centre are free of charge for all students, academic staff, teaching and administrative staff of the University.

  • Clubs, societies, sport and fitness facilities

Kyrgyz-Turkish Manas University offers a wide range of opportunities for students and staff to pursue their pastimes and hobbies. The University has several sports complexes and other interesting places where people can meet and spend their free time. Shared interest in sports, cultural activities and sharing our knowledge and values with other people - these help to unite all members of the University, regardless of which faculty we belong to or what we are studying. They also reinforce the University’s key shared values: our commitment to a common cause, our sense of duty, and our strong sense of collegiality and community. Active, lively, and enterprising young people, in addition to their scientific activities, involve themselves in social activities, sporting events, tournaments, contests, spring festivals, career days, demo days, etc. on our campus.