University Facilities


University Facilities.

The University`s educational and recreational facilities and academic staff, as well as its impressive array of resources and opportunities, the quality of its faculty staff and research institutes, all contribute to establish a lifelong learning environment where students can learn and challenge themselves as they come into contact with people, cultures and ideas from all over the world.

University has laboratories including:

  • Computer
  • Graphics and Animation 
  • General Physics 
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Information Technologies 
  • Food and Product Analysis 
  • Microbiology 
  • Food Technologies
  • Physics
  • Biology

Graphic Technique and Applied Anatomy and Analysis Laboratories equipped with modern technological facilities.

KTMU has also fully equipped:

  • TV Studio 
  • Manas FM Radio 
  • Film Studios 
  • Cinema Hall 
  • Computer and Animation Labs

Library documentation and learning centers and modern buildings with lecture halls equipped with wireless internet and other infrastructures which provide the best opportunities for students to prepare themselves for the future.

Additionally KTMU has well-eguipped fitness room and gym, where students can improve their physical health.