The dormitories of the University are well-known throughout all of Kyrgyzstan and are renowned for their cleanliness and modern infrastructure. In dormitories students are not only given opportunities to be accommodated in a cozy family atmosphere, but also in comfortable conditions which motivate them to perform better and achieve better academic results.

Here is some brief information about the old KTMU dormitory which provided placement services for boys and girls who studied in academic year 2014-2015:

- Total of number beds 684 

- Total number of rooms - 124

- Number of the students - 284 boys, 400 girls

- Dormitory for boys: rooms with 4 beds, 6 beds.

- Dormitory for girls: rooms with 4 beds, 6 beds.

- The construction of a new dormitory in academic year 2012-2013 enabled more students to be accommodated in dormitories.



Here are some details about the new dormitory:

- Total number of beds - 688 - Total number of rooms - 143

- Number of beds for girls - 478 beds/places

- Number of beds for boys - 210



In the new dormitory there are rooms with 4 and 6 beds. Each room is provided with a bookshelf and linen case, a desk and a chair. Besides, each room has its own bathroom and toilet. On each 5th floor of the student dormitories there is a hall for student independent preparation with a capacity for 56 students.

A central library and an Internet cafe of KTMU are to be established in the new building of the student dormitory; they will provide their services to students on a continuous basis.

The reading room at the dormitory with a capacity for 150 students works during weekdays from 8:30 until 23:00, but during exams the reading room works until 02:00.

The sports facilities which are located next to the student dormitories have served students since 2003.

Internet cafes have moved to a modular building and are located 100 meters from the student dormitories. Students are provided with all kinds of wireless Internet access.



In the laundries of dormitories, personal clothing of students can be washed for a taken payment of 20 soms per kilogram (about 1100-1200 kg a month); bed linen is changed on a regular basis.

In the medical aid station of the dormitories one doctor and one nurse are on duty on weekdays from 18.00 till 23.00 o'clock, and at night from 23.00 to 08.00 o'clock in the morning. In emergency situations the nurse will be able to provide assistance to patients and send them to hospital if they need hospitalization.


In the dormitory there is a snack shop opportunity for students. It is provided with all the necessary equipment for accommodating 250 students. Students can spend their free time with their friends and also they have possibilities to watch TV. Taking into consideration the wishes of the students and giving great importance to student satisfaction, the range and number of products have increased.


On weekdays, specialists from the Center of Development and Counseling of render to students consulting services in the University dormitories.

During the academic year, along with cultural and artistic activities, competitions, entertainment, celebrations, trips, picnics and dinner parties can be arranged.