Memorial Day of Abai Kunanbaev Held at KTMU


    Memorial day of one of the best Kazakh writers was held at KTMU on the 4th of May, 2016. This meeting was organized by the Department of International Affairs and the Head of Students’ Affair of KTMU in cooperation with Embassy of Kazakhstan in Kyrgyzstan. It was attended by the Authorized Ambassador of Kazakhstan Aiymdos Bozjigitov, the Authorized Ambassador of Ukraine Nikolay Doroshenko, officials of Embassies of Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and Ukraine, as well as the Rector of our educational institution, Prof.Dr.Sebahattin Balci and authorities of our university.

    At this event Abai Kunanbaev`s works were staged in different genres to the audience. Abai Kunanbaev was not only a writer. He made huge contribution to art of the Kazakh people and world literature as an outstanding philosopher and thinker.