Health and Social Care

Center for Development and Counseling

The purpose of this center is not only to instill in students modern knowledge and give them professional experience, but to promote their psychological and social development, to maintain and preserve their mental health, and improve their academic performance. The Center provides individual short- and long-term psychological counseling aimed at setting goals, making decisions, speeding up the process of adaptation, and resolution of personal, social problems;

-  you are depressed and feeling lonely;

- you cannot succeed, despite the efforts you made;

- you are worried because of exams;

- you want a deeper understanding of yourself and develop your personality;

- you still cannot adapt to the society around you,

then you should contact the Center for Development and Consulting Students, where you can talk to advisers. Principles of operation of the Center for Development and Consulting Students are spontaneity and confidentiality. Information about individuals who have applied for psychological assistance, as well as problems with which they are experiencing, are not disclosed to people or organizations without the permission of those individuals.




Orientation program: Within the scope of this program various activities are carried out to familiarize new students with the University and its surroundings, with the rules of the university, with the country and city, and with the social and cultural life of the country and city, and also the preparation of printed materials. Here students are informed about the opportunities available to them.

Individual counseling: This program provides individual counseling services to manage psychological, emotional and social problems of students.

Group counseling: Group counseling helps people with common interests and challenges not only to understand and accept themselves such as they are but to know themselves better in the process of group communication.

Individualized approach: In implementing this approach, tests are given that help students make rational decisions and identify their abilities, interests and personality traits.

Orientation activities: These activities help students make correct decisions in the process of evaluating departments or in choosing their course of study.

Activities aimed at developing group identity and developmental abilities of students: These activities are aimed at implementing activities intended for developing the following skills and abilities in students when working in groups: communication abilities and skills, ability to make decisions and effective study skills.

Mental health services: These services are provided to students who may be faced with various mental problems through seminars or by the distribution of printed materials (booklets and brochures).

Research and evaluation activities: Implementation of activities aimed at solving problems and meeting the needs of students, as well as identifying the effectiveness of service delivery.

Medical referral system: In case of situations where students cannot adequately benefit from the above services at the Center for Development and Counseling Students, they are referred to specialists or specialized institutions.

Activities that seek to inform students through information booths: Preparation and placement at information booths essays and articles on various topics, collected from various sources, which may be considered necessary and arouse the interest of students.

Sport, social and cultural activities

The University has a tennis court, rooms for table tennis and chess, a football field, volleyball and basketball courts, and also a wrestling hall. Besides, there is a new covered sports hall under construction. If students want they can take a part for several classes, like modern dance, national games, and learning to play on national instruments. All these activities will support students to improve their skills.



Food services

The kitchen in the territory of the Union Building on the Chyngyz Aitmatov Campus at KTMU, equipped with modern processing equipment of high sanitary and hygienic standards, renders its services on an international level. The capacity of this kitchen allows from 1,800 to 2,000 people to be provided with food. This building has one VİP lunch hall and a students’ dining room with 300-350 seats. All the opportunities of modern technology are employed in the Union Building. In producing bakery products much attention is paid to sanitary and hygienic norms in the bakeries. Students of the University have dinner and supper in the Union Building.

On average, more than 100 community events and special guests are catered to annually. Besides, all major activities of the administration and faculties are carried out in the Union Building. In the main building there is a dining room for the staff of the University with 70 seats and a canteen with 150-180 seats. On the territory of the main building and University Campus there are 4 snack shops; in the new staff building there is one mini market that university staff can use from 7:30-23:00.



Healthcare services

In the medical center of our university work seven qualified doctors (a therapist, a cardiologist, an ENT specialist, a gynecologist, a neurologist, a pediatrician and a general surgeon) and seven nurses who render to students and the staff of university the following types of health care services: emergency and first aid, general examinations of patients, statements of diagnoses, treatment and periodic control of patients with chronic diseases.

For a more detailed examination of a clinical nature and for carrying out a more effective treatment, the medical center has the capacity to carry out diagnostic ultrasound examinations, perform X-rays, ECG, and monitor blood pressure with an ECG Holter devise. Besides, the medical center is equipped with medical beds and latest models of bedside monitors for supervising the condition of patients.

Medical services are provided 24 hours a day, without breaks, and weekends as well. Besides, students needing help are provided with free medication. Most of the medical costs for treatment of students who are referred to hospitals and dental clinics are covered by the university through agreement.

From January 02, 2013 to December 31, 2014 a total of 7,800 people underwent medical treatment; from these there were 5,200 students and 1,600 university staff members.

As for the dormitory of the university, a total of 1,605 people received medical treatment in the same period; out of these 1,421 were students and 184 employees of the University. Emergency medical care was given to only 31 students and 25 employees of the university. Most of them were sent to the hospital by ambulance; most of them suffered with surgical diseases; and almost all of them received qualified treatment in the medical center.

The Medical Center regularly holds seminars for students on health issues. Last year two seminars were held for students who are living in dormitories; they were devoted for chastity and health. The university health center has an especially close association with the AIDS Center in Bishkek. At the university with the cooperation of AIDS Center a meeting was held devoted to AIDS issues, in which 160 students participated.



Social Assistance Foundation

The Social Assistance Foundation funded by voluntary financial contributions from the academic and administrative staff of the University, allocates 7-month grants to students for food and health benefits and other grants for need in emergency situations. Every year the number of students who hand out cards for free food grows in proportion to the increase in the quantity of donations. Curators at the faculties and high schools and also the management of student dormitories and the management of Center of Development and Counseling organize free food for needy students. In cases where the University is unable to make any payments to assist in health care and treatment because of certain provisions, these students are funded by the above-mentioned foundation. Besides, during summer vacation some students who cannot go home because of lack of money, transportation costs are provided on credit.