Spelling Bee

    On Friday 13th of November held Spelling Bee program’s first official shooting which organized by International Relations Office in cooperation with the Students Affairs department. It needs to remind that shooting of Spelling Bee Program held first time at KTMU and goals of this program are to encourage students to learn English language, to give them a chance for identifying their weak and strong sides, to encourage interaction between the students in the community, be part of the active life and just increase their vocabulary richness.


   At this program we had 20 participants who were competed against each other while practicing spelling. As there were students from different courses it made competition much more interesting. During the shooting we could feel that our students prepared very good for this BEE and we wish their efforts will continue in our next Spelling Bee. We would like to remind that every contestant should know that preparation for a bee is a comprehensive learning process that allows students to learn the definition, pronunciation, and roots of the word. So we hope that in the future we will have a lot of students who will desire to participate for BEE.


   When the competition has been completed, announced the winner to the audience and present the award to the first place. At this time the winner was Meerim Soltobaeva. We congratulate Meerim and we will see her in a final competition with winners of the BEE.

   We thank members of the International Students Representatives, student’s affairs department and Manas Tv Studio for assistance in the implementation of the Spelling Bee.