Meeting with Mevlana Exchange Students


On 29th of October exchange students within the Mevlana Student Exchange Program, were invited to meet the rector, Prof. Dr Sebahattin BALCI together with Mevlana Exchange Program Coordinator. The aim of the meeting was to get impression from the students, information about their satisfaction on classes, stay at Bishkek and at the same time to equip them with necessary information that can be useful for their education period at KTMU.



At the begging of the meeting each student had a chance to introduce themselves and express their reason of choosing the Kyrgyz-Turkish Manas University. Most of them informed that they wanted to know closely about Kyrgyzstan culture, nature, Kyrgyz people and ofcourse to get an international knowledge.


Rector Prof.Dr Sebahattin BALCI on his speech encouraged all Mevlana exchange students to study well and be active during their study period at KTMU. Especially he shared advices like how to obtain friends, information about Kyrgyzstan, how to know life in Kyrgyzstan.


At the end of the meeting there was a film about Kyrgyzstan “Kochmondor” where have shown the part of the Kyrgyz culture and traditions.