Presentation of DAAD at KTMU

    On 28th of September at K. Tynystanov conference-hall held a seminar of DAAD program. The initiative supported by International Relations Office of KTMU. As we know, there are many exchange programs which serves for students to get an amazing experience, knowledge and feelings during their participations for such kind of exchange programs. One of this kind of program is DAAD which supports students to get quality education in Germany.


    In order to make a presentation about DAAD program we hosted in our university Ann-Katrin Braunmiller, who is responsible for consultations about research scholarship and contact person for all DAAD programs. During the presentation Mrs. Ann-Katrin gave full information about education in Germany. Before beginning her conversation about DAAD she point out how students can go and study in Germany without scholarship. Later she continued her speech about DAAD scholarship’s rules, conditions, steps how students can start in order to be success, encouraged all students to study and try themselves in all programs.


    At the end of the seminar students could ask their questions related to DAAD program, about life, education, universities in Germany where Mrs. Ann-Katrin respond for all of them. It need to mention for our students that in our schedule we have an UGRAD, Mevlana etc… exchange programs presentations. Please continue to follow our events in our International Relation’s Facebook Page and website.