UGRAD Exchange Student

    Please meet our Communication Faculty student Azia Khalbekova, she is an exchange student of Global UGRAD in USA and studying at University of Central Missouri. At these days she is very busy but despite of that she could answer for our some questions. She shares about her life and especially how she got a scholarship. We thanks to her and wishes all the best on her studies.

    "To get international education was my dream from childhood. One day my dream came true. I would love to share with you my educational experience as exchange student in United States. The first, I want to tell you about my program thanks to it I study in the heartland of USA at University of Central Missouri. I am exchange student of Global UGRAD program is sponsored by the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs (ECA). If you are undergraduate student interested in study U.S this is great opportunity to study one or two semester in U.S university. Internet is great recourse and sure you will find a lot of information about this program. Anyways if you have questions and want to know more details about UGRAD program please do not hesitate to contact me I will always be glad to answer you. As I noted, I study at University of Central Missouri, Communication, Digital Media. Fall semester I am taking English classes and spring semester will take my major studies. It should be noted that system of education very different from our system. Here we must do our homework on time if you late it will reflect on GPA score. So you will not be able to find a lazy student here, because they have paid a very big money for study at college. What about teachers, professors, I like them very much, cause they never ignore student if even this student very annoying person, we can free dispute with them. They say that it is not important if your answer right or wrong the most important how and what you think. Furthermore, there are around 200 student activities and community services. It is very important find yourself and to be the part of some of activities. As for me, I signed up for Cinematography Club, International Student Organization and Conversational Partner Program. I enjoy of college life, atmosphere is awesome. Every day you able to see fairs, sport games, bbq parties. Саmpus life is full of events. To sum up, study abroad really expands horizons and gives opportunity to present your country as cultural ambassador.

1.Could you please tell about this competition, how did you apply for this program?

- This program is Global UGRAD Program is sponsored by U.S Department of State for undergraduate students. The first tour of program you should submit personal and professional achievements, personal information, to write 3 statements and 1 essay and attached 2 recommendation letters, which is really important part of competition. If you passed the first tour, you would get an e-mail about the second tour which is interview. You used to have an interview with program officers of UGRAD. When you have got an e-mail that you passed interview, the last is TOEFL IBT test. By the way in 2015-2016 from Kyrgyzstan only 7 students from different universities have become UGRAD finalist.

2. Suggestion to students, who want to apply for this program...

- If you are undergraduate student and studying on 1-3 year in home university and have a middle level of English, you have a cool opportunity to study in U.S. do not miss. Application for this program will start in the beginning of February. I suggest you start prepare from now. If you are really want to you can do it."