International Student Weak in Ilmenau

    Please meet our student from Communication Faculty Bilimbek Baktybekov, last summer he participated at International Student Weak which held in Ilmenau, Germany. He shares about his experience and feelings during his participation for such kind of conference.

“The International Conference has already come to the end. First of all I want to thank to all the brothers and sisters, my university and friends who were supporting me to be a part of this conference. The International Students Conference has truly been a pivotal experience in my personal, academic and professional growth. So let me tell you more about the conference which offered me wonderful experience which made me stronger, and it also was beneficial for my career. The conference is the one of the world significant conferences which is held two times a year since 1993. This year 388 students from 88 countries got the opportunity to become a participant of this conference. The list of the participants consisted of the holder of academic degrees such as Bachelor, Master, Phd, etc. When we talk about “conference”, we usually imagine the people sitting by the round table and discussing definite issues vigorously. However this conference was held in a different format. In other words there were held not only lectures, but also different, colorful events, festivals. Of course, they lectures were held on a very high level by the well- known journalists, politicians, owners of the significant global projects. (Bodo Ramelow- is a German politician from the party, DIE LINKE’ (the left party) and the current Minister- President of Thuringia, Chris Castro and Chris Stamper- IDEAS for Us, Peter Scherrer- currently holds the position of Officer for European Industrial Policy, Salah Zater journalist and etc). As I mentioned before, during the event (“International branch”), where we were given the opportunity to introduce cultures of our countries, I think, Kyrgyzstan stick to others’ mind with the Kyrgyz national game “Chuko (Чуко)”. The assembled party of the participants and local visitors were really enthusiastic with playing “Chuko”. At the same time I was giving an interview about our games and gifts to the journalists from the TV channel and radio. The participants of the conference were divided into 25 groups according to their interests. The list of the subjects consisted of fields range from politics even to dancing-singing; almost all the fields were included. So I chose “Responsibility in Politics” and worked with the students who were interested in the same field as I am. My group consisted of 22 students who have different world view, ideas and outlook on life. So working with the students from different backgrounds and culture were mind- blowing. In Germany each of my moments were accompanied with the new discoveries… I suppose, you already have a question about the objective of this International Students Conference. The main goals of this conference is to bring together international students- leaders from across the globe for an open- minded exchange of ideas concerning the future of world leadership. These provided opportunities are discovered by the students themselves. For instance, my group (“Responsibility in Politics”) consisted of the international students around the world and most of them study International Relations and have projects concerning international issues. So by working in the group of students who shared the same passion as each of us did, we were able to share, exchange our experiences, ideas we have and after that really became motivated about what we wanted to do with our lives and the changes we want to see happening in the world. What did I learn from the conference? Firstly, It helped me to understand that we must keep moving forward, opening up new doors and doing new things. Because, working with the same students as I am who express themselves confidently, work with global projects and have done many beneficial things for their countries made me be encouraged to challenge myself, to step out of my comfort zone, to share my ideas, to listen to the others and to take my place in the world.