Second Day of the Orientation Program


      On 11th of the September, International Relation Office organized Second Day of the Orientation Program for international students, it continued with the meeting of Rector Prof.Dr Sebahattin BALCI, co-rector Prof.Dr Asylbek KULMYRZAEV and other University academic stuff at K. Tynystanov Conference Hall. Meeting started with opening speech of the Prof.Dr Sebahattin BALCI where he warmly welcomed International Students and congratulated all participants with the new academic year. On his speech he touch some points about university; like the mission of KTMU on Central Asia, briefly gave information about the facilities which provide for students education, he mentioned that Manas has everything for studying as computer laboratories, libraries which equipped with all necessary books, auditoriums which are modern filled with nice atmosphere, students from 16 countries and he make a note that to have friends from 16 countries is a big opportunity for future business. Also, he remind as one of the important advantage that all university teachers are professional specialist on their field who are not only educate students but at the same time encourage them to obtain all necessary knowledge at the university. After warm welcome the ceremony continued with nice concert.


     As for next day with our international students we had a tour to magic place Ala- Archa where our students had a rest from noisy city. As we know Ala-Archa is a most popular destination point for our foreigners. Our International students loved this place and spent their time like playing football, some of them preferred hiking in the mountainous, as the weather was nice a few students slept near the river. So, each student managed their time as they liked and we can say that tour was amazing for all participants.