Annual Report at SENATO

So, the academic year is finishing and every department of the University implementing their annual report for SENATO. As part of the University we had also made our report what we could reach during one year and what we could accomplish that we had planned starting of the year. One thing I would like to point out that International Relation office achievement enough to be proud. If need to count these works, IRO could prepare the University English catalogue, the website which serves as a guidance for international students who decided to come for study purpose to our university. Where they can find answers for all questions and which can be useful before to come to Kyrgyzstan. When we plan to go abroad choosing available universities we need for lots of information beginning where you will live and how you will pay the tuitions for the university. Our website targets this kind of audience in order to provide them with necessary knowledge. One of the IRO’s accomplishments for this year was preparing brochures in 5 languages (Kazakhs, Uzbek, Tajik, Afghan, English and Azeri). It means now our prospective international students can get information about our university in their native languages. As well as, these brochures can help for them make easier choosing process the field of their study. This year IRO had a close relationship with Embassies by organizing Cultural Days of each country at KTMU. That provided KTMU to build strong friendship with embassies and be known as one of the leading university in Central Asia. As an International Relation Office at KTMU one of the main purposes is to work with international student in order to help them integrate into life at KTMU. According for these aims, under IRO formed an International Student Associations which pursue to support all our international students. For upcoming year IRO has lots of plans, so we wish good luck for their each achievement.